C&M 1: Welcome to Carl and Mike


 EPISODE 1:  Carl and Mike Show Notes and Links.

Carl and Mike logo[0:00]    The Beginning: After 7 years of coffee chats Carl and Mike finally launch their podcast! Listen in as they share their lives and talk openly about the big things people aren’t supposed to talk about in “polite circles” – Politics, Sex, and Religion.

[5:20]:   Carl’s HiStory: Carl shares his story from growing up in the Midwest to moving to Texas and developing a career in advertising and then quitting it all to find himself.

[12:13]: Mike’s HiStory: Mike shares his upbringing from Dallas to New Mexico to Lubbock to Los Angeles and finally back to  Dallas.

[21:34]: Moving On: We discuss various moves we’ve made and why moving around can be healthy.

[29:29]: Pussification and Man Caves: Carl and Mike tackle the subject of Pussification – what it means, how it takes hold and how it changes a man. Also why your man cave is an admission of defeat.

[42:06]: Stupid Tax: Carl and Mike share some of the different ways you pay for being stupid and lazy.

[48:09]: Religion, Religitards and the Golden Rule: Carl and Mike discuss their views on Religion, questioning “religious authority” and the one rule they live by.

[1:04:58]: Politics, Political Persuasion and Clown Cars: No show would be complete without a little political chat. Here we share our political viewpoints, and Mike admits to a very bad vote.

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