5?5min58: All-Knowing, No Nothing

All-Knowing, No Nothing 5?:5Min with Carl and Mike5Q:5MIN: All-Knowing, No Nothing  Edition (Inaugural Facebook Live Broadcast)

In All-Knowing, No Nothing, Carl, and Mike go live on Facebook for the first time. Even though Mike has his doubts about the whole Facebook Live thing. Regardless, here’s their inaugural 5?:5Min Facebook Live voyage as they answer these five questions about beliefs, reoccurring nightmares, being all-knowing on any one subject, fighting and of course the ultimately unknowable strong women.



  1. What do you believe that not many other people believe?
  2. Any reoccurring nightmares?
  3. If you could know about every possible thing, but only one thing, what would it be?
  4. I have two weeks to prepare for a fight, and I know nothing about fighting, what should I do?
  5. What constitutes strong women?

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