5?:5Min28: Healthcare for All

Healthcare for All Show Notes.

As part of their exploring running for President, in Healthcare for All Carl and Mike lay out their ideas around healthcare by attempting to answer the following five healthcare questions in just five minutes.
1) Would you seek to improve Obamacare or replace it?
2) Two out of three Americans are overweight or obese. Is there anything a President can do to address this obesity epidemic?
3) With our aging population there aren’t enough Doctors or elderly care providers. How will a Carl and Mike administration tackle this shortage?
4) Should it be mandatory to vaccinate children against polio, measles and other contagious diseases. If so, how would you handle the anti-vaxxers?
5) An Ebola like virus threatens the U.S. again, how would you contain it?
Bonus Question: Gray’s Anatomy or ER?
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 Healthcare for All 5?:5Min

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