5?:5Min44: Predictions

Predictions Show Notes.

Carl and Mike step up their high production values by now recording on the new iPhone 6s! Today they put on their prognisticator hats on and make predictions on politics, the future of cars and time’s person on the year. And they try to do it all in just five minutes! Tune in as Carl and Mike answer these 5 questions around predictions.

1) Who will come out of the Democratic debate as the winner?

2) What year will driverless cars outnumber regular cars?
3) More likely to happen Trump wins Republican nomination or Sanders winning the Democratic nomination?
4) Ever have someone predict your future accurately?
5) Who will be Time magazines person of the year for 2015?
Got a question for Carl and Mike? Email your questions to question [at] carlandmike [dot] net or tweet them to @carlandmike
 Predictions - 5?:5Min with Carl and Mike

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