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Michael is a designer and Carl is an ex-copywriter but don’t hold that against us, we were young and naive when we searched for a career.

Back in 2007 we were two home based entrepreneurs in serious need of getting out of the house. We agreed to meet every Friday for coffee. Soon Coffeechat was born and for the next seven years we solved the world’s problems, mocked ignorance wherever we found it, micromanaged each others personal lives, and talked about the things you’re not suppose to talk about — politics, sex and religion and yes even advertising.

Along the way we kept saying, “we should record this”. Of course being two comfortably lazy, white-privileged, middle class men, it took a couple of years of saying that before we actually got off our asses and created what you see here today.

Our hope is that our conversation will spur a bigger conversation online with a community of like-minded seekers trying to make sense of this crazy, fascinating, sometimes infuriating, but always interesting world.

Whether you vehemently disagree with us, or find us a kindred spirit, we want to hear from you — share your comments on this website, and/or at our Facebook or Twitter Page.

Thanks again for stopping by — we appreciate you!

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