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All in with Bernie - Carl and MikeAll In With Bernie Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.

In their final episode of 2015, Carl and Mike end exploring their run for President and go all in with Bernie for 2016. They discuss how Bernie can win. Plus reactions from the latest GOP debate. Trump Cruz 2016 or a brokered GOP convention? Bad museum ideas and what’s the deal with Iowa? Leave your bromance at the door; it’s time for Carl and Mike and Bernie!

[00:57]: GOP Debate: Bubbles, Kill and Divide, Angry Men. Carl and Mike share their thoughts about the Republicans after their latest debate. Mike tries to shake off the negativity.

[07:11]: The Enigma of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East: Carl and Mike wonder how Saudi Arabia continues to get a pass from America when so many Saudis have been part of the terrorism against the United States. Plus how life if Raqqa doesn’t allow for carpet bombing unless you want to kill a lot of civilians.

[10:11]: What if Putin Nuked ISIS? Carl asks the question how would the world react in Putin nuked the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa.

[12:14]: Brokered GOP Convention – the Ultimate Reality Show: Carl and Mike talk about the “entertainment value” of a brokered GOP convention. Thereby creating the ultimate reality show. Plus could it be Trump-Cruz 2016?

[17:28]: All In with Bernie: After failing to generate the needed enthusiasm, Carl and Mike drop their exploration of running for President. Then they throw their support to Bernie. Carl outlines how Bernie can win, while Mike has doubts. Plus, the allure of Sanders and Warren.

[28:59]: What’s the Deal with Iowa? Mike wants to know what the deal is with Iowa and it’s political choices. Carl shares the voting map of Iowa from the perspective of a bike ride.

[33:45]: Trump Cruz 2016: Carl and Mike talk why Trump and Cruz should be the nominees and give the Republicans what they deserve.

[37:13]: Bad Museums: Carl and Mike talk about the so-called Museum of Creationism being funded in Dallas and describe their idea for a George W Bush Museum.



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