C&M 15: (AI) Artificial Intelligence and the Golden Rule


Artificial Intelligence & Golden RuleEpisode 15: (AI) Artificial Intelligence and the Golden Rule Show Notes and Links.

[00:32]: Sony, North Korea and Confronting Bullies: We discuss the recent decision by Sony to pull the movie The Interview due to threats from North Korea. And how the Sony hack might affect corporate security in the future. Mike comes up with a visual picture of Mohammed as a protest against censorship.

[16:43]: Year 2014 the Rise of Artificial Intelligence: We discuss moving into the era of artificial intelligence and the dangers inherent in it.

[22:32]: Ethics and Intelligence: Is ethics a product of intelligence? If so, would higher artificial intelligence be more ethical? Do we make up what’s ethical? We debate these and other questions around the relationship between ethics and intelligence. Carl also refers to the movie HER as a possible path for AI and throws out a wild idea for what the Cloud could be.

[27:53]: AI and the Golden Rule: We talk about artificial intelligence and mindfulness. How far developed can artificial intelligence go? What will be the relationship with us humans? And how can artificial intelligence line up with the Golden Rule?

[39:22] Cuba and Obama Unleashed: We discuss Obama’s recent change in policy towards Cuba. Why the change took so long, and the good and bad of it. And no talk about Cuba would be complete without talking about Guantanamo Bay, so we go there as well.

[45:25]: Looking ahead to 2015 and 2016: We look ahead to the political year ahead including the depressing thought of a Clinton/Bush run. Plus, how Republicans and Democrats might line up in the great political divide.

[54:35]: TV Series Endings, American Horror Story Freak Show and Remodeling Kitchens: We discuss the endings of some of our favorite TV shows, then Mike goes into fan boy mode around the American Horror Story Freak Show. We end on Michael’s obsession with remodeling kitchens.



North Korea and Sony Hack: The War of Words Escalate:


Alamo Drafthouse In Dallas/Fort Worth To Show ‘Team America’ Instead Of ‘The Interview: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/12/17/alamo-drafthouse-team-america_n_6345156.html

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: http://www.cnn.com/2014/12/22/world/asia/north-korea-us-sony-hack-who-says-what/

As Artificial Intelligence Grows, So Do Ethical Concerns: http://www.sfgate.com/technology/article/As-artificial-intelligence-grows-so-do-ethical-5194466.php

Movie: Her http://www.herthemovie.com/#/home

Captivated by Her: http://captivatedbyher.vice.com

American Horror Story: Freak Show: http://www.fxnetworks.com/shows/american-horror-story/episodes?aka_device_type=html

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