Best of Carl and Mike Pt. 2: Thought Leadership


Best of Carl and Mike Pt 2 - Thought LeadershipBest of Carl and Mike Pt 2: Thought Leadership Show Notes and Links.

[00:00] Thought Leadership: Carl decides to become a Thought Leader. Mike presses him to come up with a thought to demonstrate thought leadership.

[05:54]: Parenting in 2014: The dynamics between kids and their parents are changing today. We discuss the relationship between kids and parents today versus the past.

[11:05]: Education in 2014: Is going to college today really the best choice? Carl and Mike discuss education in 2014 and how the Internet offers new and possibly better ways of getting an education.

[19:10] Talking About Race: Michael talks about how black fathers have to have “the talk’ with their children about dealing with the police. And how he had to have “a talk” with his family about how they talked about race in front of his children.

[23:31]: Disease of Certainty: Why certainty is to be avoided. How Dick Cheney and others like him suffer the disease of certainty. Plus how in a fast changing world the desire for certainty becomes even greater.

[32:00] Addiction of Comfort: Carl and Mike discuss the irony of more choices through technology and yet less choices being made. Mike shares his experience of doing yoga in an Indian temple. Carl shares his religious experiment. And Carl and Mike challenge everyone to try something different.

[40:20] Religion Religitards & Golden Rule: Carl and Mike discuss their views on Religion, questioning “authority” and the one rule they live by.

[46:05] Artificial Intelligence and the Golden Rule: We talk about artificial intelligence and mindfulness. How far developed can artificial intelligence go? What will be their relationship with us humans? And how can artificial intelligence line up with the Golden Rule?

 [48:42]: World Peace: Carl has an Aha around the idea of how World Peace might actually come about. While Michael argues for us to celebrate the differences and shares the one rule that rules them all.

 [54:47]: Courage in Leadership: Carl and Mike acknowledge the courage and Leadership displayed by Tim Cook, CEO of Apple for coming out as gay publicly.



As Artificial Intelligence Grows, So Do Ethical Concerns:

Tim Cook Speaks Up:


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