C&M Best of 2015 Humor: Deep Thoughts, Shallow Minds


C&M Best of 2015 Humor: Deep ThoughtsBest of 2015 Humor: Deep Thoughts, Shallow Minds Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.

In Carl and Mike’s Best of 2015: Humor it’s a year of deep thought highlights. Including conversations on armpit hair, Ted Cruz, and shoplifting. Plus a pity party for millionaires, imagining a Texas overthrow by the USA, and discussing the science of falling in love. Over 30 minutes of deep thoughts, from your favorite shallow minds. So leave your small talk at the door, it’s time for Carl and Mike’s Best of 2015 Humor – Deep Thoughts, Shallow Minds.

[01:30:] Not-Really-Sponsored by Shutthefuckup.com: Carl and Mike get a new not really sponsor.

[02:11:] Intro to 36 Questions that Lead to Falling in Love: Carl and Mike decide to help America fall in love with them by answering 36 laboratory-tested questions that are said to be scientifically proven to make anyone fall in love.

[06:48:] Meandering Conversations: Carl and Mike have a meandering conversation covering Jerry Seinfeld, Games of Thrones, 25 year olds, and Robocalls.

[10:02:] A New Wage Gap: Pity the Millionaire: Carl and Mike lament the gap between the 2% and the 1%. Who’s looking out for the millionaire? Plus time-sharing the Gulf Stream Jet and other indignities of only being a millionaire.

[17:28:] Hair Raising Deep Thoughts: Carl wonders why hair continually grows on your head but not in your armpits? Plus they lament nose hairs and other age related hair changes.

[21:19:] Ted Cruz is a Dick.

[23:40: ] Texas vs. USA: Carl and Mike outlines the secret military plan to invade and take away your weapons. Carl piles on regarding the Wal-Mart internment camps.

[29:59:] Jesus Christ Shoplifter: Carl admits to a lapse in judgment with a Jesus Christ Superstar album, which turns into a conversation on how Jesus changes with the times.

[35:02:] Not Really Sponsored by F.A.R.T.S.: Carl introduces a not really sponsored by sponsor and discusses living in our microbial clouds.

[36:44:] Walking Around the House Naked: Enough said.



Trump and Our Private Thoughts


EP 58: Not-Really-Sponsored byhttp://carlandmike.net/cm58-trump-and-our-private-thoughts/



Falling in Love with Carl and Mike Pt 1



EP 51: Intro to 36 Questions that Lead to Falling in Love: http://carlandmike.net/falling-in-love-pt-1/


Supreme Court Intelligence



EP 45: Meandering Conversations: http://carlandmike.net/supreme-court-intelligence-ep45/


Pith the Millionaire


EP 39: A New Wage Gap: Pity the Millionaire:

EP 39 Hair Raising Deep Thoughts: http://carlandmike.net/c39-pity-the-millionaire/


Jade Helm Texas vs USA


EP 35: Texas vs. USA: The Jade Helm Conspiracy: http://carlandmike.net/cm35-texas-vs-usa-jade-helm/



Futureal: The Next 25 Years


EP 20: Jesus Christ Shoplifter: http://carlandmike.net/futureal-next-25-years/



Freelance Society - Carlandmike.net



EP 61: Not Really Sponsored by F.A.R.T.S.: http://carlandmike.net/cm-61-freelance-society/


Walmartization of America


EP 27: Walking Around the House Naked: http://carlandmike.net/cm27-walmartization/



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