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2015 was a bizarre year in Politics and we haven’t even elected anyone yet. In this Best of Carl and Mike 2015 Politics Edition we talk about sugar daddy billionaires, crazy right wing conspiracies, Obama the Roadrunner, how Bernie can win and the Republican takeover by the looney right. Plus a special section that chronicles both our revulsion and attraction over the year to the one and only Brilliant Buffoon — Donald Trump! Leave your playing by the rules at the door, it’s time for Best of 2015 Politics with Carl and Mike!

[01:24]: Sugar Daddy/Sugar Babe Billionaires: Carl and Mike talk about billionaires picking their candidates and what’s their return on their investments?

[07:36]: Compromise Replaced by Blackmail: How blackmail and paybacks have replaced compromise and favors in Congress.

[12:12]: Nightmare Scenarios, Crazy Conspiracies: From the possibility to bad election choices to Obama trying to nuke Charleston and taking over the country we talk nightmare scenarios and the latest crazy conspiracy.


[20:15]: The Donald Dick Award: Carl and Mike honor their new What a Dick award to The Donald for his comments on Mexicans as rapists.

[22:21]: The Donald: Brilliant Buffoon: Carl and Mike talk share their glee about Donald Trump running for President what it means for the Republicans and who actually supports him.

[26:53]: Freeballin’ With Trump: Carl and Mike find themselves falling into the Trump vortex. Plus Trump as a disinfectant and political disrupter that bypasses our brains and speaks to our balls.

[32:20]: Trumpian Thoughts: Carl and Mike discuss the latest Trumpian declarations – this time about Carly Fiorina. How Trump gives us a peek behind the curtain of the super rich. Plus Carl and Mike marvel at how Trump can speak to our private thoughts.

[38:09]: The Lizard Brain that is Trump: Carl and Mike dissect the psyche of Trump, and make the argument FOR Trump as President.

[41:48]: Obama the Roadrunner: Carl and Mike discuss Obama as the Roadrunner whose deft moves on issue from Cuba to Iran to prison reform transform his lame duck status and make Republicans look like the Coyote in their failure to keep up let alone stop him.

[48:43]:  The Iran Deal: Carl and Mike talk about the merits of the Iran Deal and the disingenuous arguments from the Right and how the Neocon Right got us into this mess.

[53:38]: The Republican Takeover: Carl and Mike discuss the disarray of the Republican Party.

[56:39]: All In with Bernie: Carl and Mike throw their support to Bernie. Carl outlines how Bernie can win, while Mike has doubts. Plus, the allure of Sanders and Warren.



Best of 2015 Poltics


Ep. 33: Sugar Daddy/Sugar Babe Billionaries: http://carlandmike.net/cm33-prosperity-jesus-rise-decline-of-religion/



Politics and Money Ep 24


EP 24: Compromise Replaced by Blackmail and Nightmare Scenarios: http://carlandmike.net/politics-and-money/



The Donald - Brilliant Buffoon


EP 43: The Donald: Brilliant Buffoon: http://carlandmike.net/cm43-the-donald-brilliant-buffoon/




EP 55: Freeballin’ with Trump: http://carlandmike.net/freeballing-with-trump/




Trump and Our Private Thoughts


EP 58: Trumpian Thoughts: and The Iran Deal http://carlandmike.net/cm58-trump-and-our-private-thoughts/



Lizard Brain Politics


EP 68: The Lizard Brain that is Trump: http://carlandmike.net/lizard-brain-politics-cm68/



Meep Meep Mutha Ep 49


EP 49:  Obama the Roadrunner: http://carlandmike.net/meep-meep-mutha-cm49/



GOP Cannibalism


EP 63:  Republican Takeover: http://carlandmike.net/cm63-gop-cannibalism/




All in with Bernie - Carl and Mike


EP 70: All in with Bernie: http://carlandmike.net/all-in-with-bernie-cm70/




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