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When it comes to religion in 2015, Carl and Mike question everything — including themselves. In this Best of 2015 Religion edition, listen in as they shake their heads at the audacity of Prosperity Jesus. Sift through the Village Church Secrets. Shudder at lives destroyed by Scientology. Rant about religious freedom and gay marriage. And admire some of the great copywriting in the bible. All that and starting their own religion? Leave your blind obedience at the door, it’s time for Carl and Mike.

[01:25]: Starting a New Religion: The Birth of Q – EP 21 : Carl and Mike start a new religion IDK — centered on asking questions and not having answers. Talk centers about the benefits of IDK and the harder road of uncertainty to attract followers.

[09:18]: Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief – EP 28: Carl and Mike discuss the new HBO Documentary Going Clear about Scientology.

[23:34]: Prosperity Jesus – EP 33:  Carl and Mike talk about the popularity of religion focused on prosperity. And imagine how Prosperity Jesus might think and act.  Carl shares how religion reminds him of tofu.

[28:57]: Village Secrets – Ep 41: Carl and Mike discuss a recent incident at Village Church where a husband is found to be into child pornography and the wife tries to annul the marriage and move on with her life and the church gets in the way. Plus giving up responsibility for your life to a church.

[39:05]: Religious Freedom – EP 57: Carl and Mike talk about the Religious Freedom issue around gay marriage in Kentucky. Plus talk about states like Alabama that are considering getting out of the marriage business and leaving it to the church.

[45:31]: Losing My Religion – EP 21: Jesus on the side of Islam? At the end of the day would the world be better off without religion?

[50:36]: Tyndale the Copywriter and the King James Bible – Ep 65: Carl and Mike talk about the earliest version of the King James Bible and the great copywriter behind it. Carl shares some of the greatest phrases ever written by the unknown William Tyndale and how his turn of the phrases impacted society.

[54:50]: Taxing the Church – Ep 50: Carl and Mike propose taxing Churches at 10%, but earmarking the money to aid the poor. Plus a discussion on should Church leaders live a life of wealth?

[57:35]: Stand Up For The Religion of Q – EP33: Mike calls for the followers of Q to take action!



Strange Planet Ep 21



Ep 21: Strange Planet: http://carlandmike.net/cm21-strange-planet/ 



Marching Orders: Cult of Scientology


Ep. 28: Marching Orders – The Cult of Scientology http://carlandmike.net/cm28-marching-orders-the-cult-of-scientology/


Prosperity Jesus and the decline of religion


Ep. 33: Prosperity Jesushttp://carlandmike.net/?s=Prosperity+jesus




Village Church Secrets


Ep. 41: Village Secretshttp://carlandmike.net/cm41-village-church-secrets/



Supreme Court Intelligence


Ep 57: Religious Freedom: http://carlandmike.net/cm57-greetings-from-europe-refugees-and-religious-freedom/



Let There Be Light - Carl and Mike



Ep 65: Let There Be Light: http://carlandmike.net/let-there-be-light-cm65/



Ep 50: Call for A Livable Wage: (Taxing the Church Segment): http://carlandmike.net/call-for-a-livable-wage-cm50/

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