Best of 2015 – Sex Talks Edition


Best of 2015 Sex Talks Carl and MikeThe Best of  2015 – Sex Talks with Carl and Mike.

This set includes some of their best sex talks in 2015. From Hall Passes to Swingers Church, Sex Education in Norway to Sex in a Box, its fun, lively and outrageous conversations. Leave your prudish behavior at the door, it’s time for Carl and Mike!




Unwritten Rules of Polite Society with Carl and Mike[01:33]: Unwritten Rules of Polite Society – Sex Carl and Mike talk about not talking about sex. Mike proposes doing a show on sexual norms worldwide. Plus Carl puts forward what a sexual conversation would look like in an unsuppressed world.



Sex Education in Norway[06:29]:  Norway and Sex Ed: Mike enlightens Carl on the Sex Education classes being shown to young kids in Norway. Carl argues that you can’t be against abortion and sex education. And




Swingers Chuch[10:55]: Swingers Church: Carl and Mike talk about how a swingers club skirted the law by becoming a church. Plus swingers vs swappers.

[14:38]: Starting A Conversation on Swinging or Getting a Hall Pass: Carl and Mike struggle to figure out just how you would sell your partner on swinging. Mike defines a Hall Pass. And both dive into the dynamics of poly-amorous relationships.


Sex in a Box[22:27] Sex in a Box: Carl and Mike marvel at the audacity of a new reality show called Sex Box.

[30:18]:  Where’s the Line Between Erotica and Pornography

Is pornography all about power? Or is it subjective? And some final thoughts on a conversation from our last episode, about the reality TV show Sex Box.

[37:02] Chicks w/Dicks and Disrupting Playboy: Carl and Mike careen off into a brief sex talk about chicks with dicks and Playboys recent change.

[38:45]: Happy Ending Haircuts: Carl and Mike compare haircut costs. Use their Thought Leadership to come up with a great name and tagline for a barbershop. And try to make the case that wives should be more understanding when it comes to “stress relief”.



Ep. 59: Unwritten Rules of Polite Society:

Ep. 37: Sex Education in Norway

Ep. 34: Swinger’s Church

Ep. 26: Sex in a Box

Ep. 27: Walmartization of America:

Ep. 64: Disruptive Economy: (Chicks with Dicks segment)

Ep. 67: Last Gasps: (Happy Ending Haircuts segment):


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