Black Widows, Small Butts – 5?:5Min50

Black Widows, Small Butts Show Notes:

In Black Widows, Small Butts, Carl and Mike take on a new batch of questions from a group of tortured souls seeking guidance, wisdom and advice in dealing with personal relationships. Join Carl and Mike as they attempt to answer the following five questions in just five minutes.

1) If you kill your husband are you still considered a widow?

2) Am I ugly because I have a small butt?
3) Why do I get so angry with my husband over literally nothing. Like even when he’s being nice to me?
4) My son is 17 and showers with his clothes on and then uses a hairdryer to dry them off while still wearing them? What can I do?
5) What’s your tip for asking out a girl for the first time?  I’m 17 and never done it before.
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 Black Widows, Small Butts

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