C&M23: Breaking News


Breaking News Ep 23Carl and Mike Breaking News Show Notes and Links.

[02:51]: Mulling, Pondering, and Debating 24-Hour News: Carl and Mike discuss the changing nature of thinking and learning and debate what 24-hour news does to our critical thinking.

[14:54]: The Biases of 24-Hour Media: Discussion on how the media offers support and experts for any position regardless of the facts or reality. Plus we debate if it’s better to have information going top-down or bottom-up.

[24:12]: Who To Trust?: Carl and Mike talk about who can you trust anymore and does the Internet help or hinder your ability to find trustworthy information. Plus the need to teach the skills on how to think, research, and ponder.

[28:00] Critical Thinking vs. Faith: Carl and Mike debate the effects of the Internet and 24-hour news on critical thinking and faith. And the ability of the media to market to stupidity.

[34:33]: Exposing Evil: Carl and Mike debate whether the horrible videos like the ISIS killings and pedophile crimes should be accessible on the Internet. Mike asks are we better off having that around as opposed to the old days when news was monitored.

[41:04]: The Dark and Light Web: Carl and Mike continue to debate the effect of the Internet on society and its dark and light side.

[50:55]:  Are We Better Off?: Would we be better off without open communication on the Internet? Are we better off because we don’t advertise cigarettes on TV? Are we better off not seeing ISIS beheadings? Are we better off having some things censored?



Facebook clarifies policy on nudity, hate speech and other community standards:


French government orders website block: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-31904542

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