C&34: Swingers Church


Swingers ChuchSwingers Church Show Notes and Links.

Carl and Mike talk about a swingers club that skirted the law by becoming a church. Carl attempts to figure out how you would even bring up the idea of swinging to one’s spouse.  Mike defines a Hall Pass. And both discuss the polyamorous lifestyle. Leave your wet dreams at the door; it’s time for Carl and Mike.

[01:05]:  Swingers Church: Carl and Mike talk about how a swingers club skirted the law by becoming a church. Carl tries to pin down what makes a swinger.

[05:06]: Zappa plays Zappa: Mike goes to a Dweizel Zappa concert, which rekindles his love for Frank Zappa and recalls a couple seminal moments from Zappa’s life.

[09:50]:  Starting A Conversation on Swinging or Getting a Hall Pass: Carl and Mike struggle to figure out how you would bring up a conversation about swinging with your partner.  Mike defines what it means to have a Hall Pass. And both dive into the dynamics of poly-amorous relationships.

[18:29]: Aids Killed Free Love: Carl and Mike talk about how aids ended the free love spirit of the 60’s and 70’s.

[20:12]: Wet Clay & Alchemy: Mike talks about the sensuality of wet clay. Carl searches the dross to find the gold.



 Tennessee Swingers Club Has Rebranded Itself as a Church:


Polyamorous Relationships Are About More Than Just the Couples:


Dating Website OpenMinded.com Caters to Polyamorous Couples:


Meet the Christian Swingers Who Claim God Uses Them to Spread His Word:






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