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Pity the MillionairePity the Millionaire Show Notes and Links.

In Pity the Millionaire Carl and Mike lament the growing wage gap between billionaires and millionaires, and look at some of the indignities of being “only a millionaire”. Plus dark money in politics, Texas Governor Abbott‘s bad laws, hair-raising deep thoughts and Ted Cruz is a dick.

[01:08]: Ted Cruz is a Dick: Carl and Mike call Ted Cruz a dick for his hypocrisy on federal government aid. And highlight an Indiegogo campaign that’s literally making Ted Cruz into a dick.

[04:30] Bad Government: Governor Abbott’s Bad Laws: Carl and Mike look at the recent poor decisions made by Texas Governor Abbott, including ruling against Tesla, blocking cities from creating fracking laws, and more concealed gun rights.

[09:08]: Presidential Update: Mike explains the further advantages of running for President on the down low. Plus trying to unpack the dark money.

[17:57]: A New Wage Gap: Pity the Millionaire: Carl and Mike lament the gap between the 2% and the 1%. Who’s looking out for the millionaire? Plus time-sharing the Gulf Stream Jet and other indignities of only being a millionaire.

[25:07]: Binge-Watching House of Cards: Carl binges on House of Cards and learns about manipulation and the power of generosity. Plus Carl and Mike get their first binge listener. Mike explains how the rich get buildings with their name on it made.

[28:35]: Questions About the Richest People in the World List: Why did Mark Cuban do a Verizon commercial? How can they even create a Richest People in the World list – when the 1/10 of 1% like Saudi sheiks aren’t going to disclose all their income? Carl and Mike asks the questions no one seems to be asking.

[34:01]:  The Joy of Not Thinking About It: From Steve Jobs wardrobe to buying into a religious belief there’s something nice about not having to think about it. Plus do the super rich have a flosser? Wand other behaviors do the super rich not have to do?

[36:32]:  Hair Raising Deep Thoughts: Carl wonders why hair continually grows on your head but not in your armpits? Plus they lament nose hairs and other age-related hair changes.



 Ted Cruz is a Dick Indiegogo Project:


Dark Money in Politics:


Millionaires vs. Billionaires: http://katrina-starzhynskaya.com/millionaires-vs-billionaires/

What Kind of Mentality Differentiates Billionaires from Millionaires and “ordinary People?” http://www.quora.com/What-kind-of-mentality-differentiates-billionaires-from-millionaires-and-ordinary-people

The New Alternative to Private Jet Ownership


House of Cards: http://www.netflix.com/WiMovie/70178217



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