C&M50: Call For a Livable Wage


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Carl and Mike celebrate their 50th episode by highlighting some of the personal and audience favorite episodes. Then Carl and Mike unveil specific tax and economic policies focused around the need for a simplified tax code and a livable wage. Plus the politics of fear and other dirty little lies.

[00:54]: Carl and Mike 50th Episode: Carl and Mike reminiscence about some of their first 50 shows, including some personal and audience favorites. Plus, people being offended by words.

[9:59]: The Foundation of the Carl and Mike Campaign; Carl and Mike define what the pillars of their campaign are all about.

[12:54]: Talking Taxes and a Livable Wage: Carl and Mike talk taxes including their proposal of a flat tax and marrying a flat tax to an across the board livable wage. Plus how paying a livable wage doesn’t mean prices have to go up.

[17:39]: The Politics of Fear: How politicians and businesses use fear to scare voters and protect their interests.

[20:04]: Government Subsidizing Businesses: Carl and Mike make the argument that paying livable wages end the practice of governments subsidizing business by paying for welfare, food stamps and other services.

[22:11]: Taxing the Church: Carl and Mike propose taxing Churches at 10%, but earmarking the money to aid the poor. Plus a discussion on should Church leaders live a life of wealth?

[25:57] Business Tax Policies: Carl and Mike outline their tax proposal for businesses. The importance of removing exemptions and loophole from the tax code. And the difference between wage, salary and compensation package.

[30:58]: Livable Wage, Minimum Wage and Dirty Little Lies: Carl and Mike continue their discussion on livable wages, the manipulation of fear and the common sense of the majority.

[35:03]: Support Carl and Mike: Carl and Mike talk about how you can support them moving from an exploration to a full-fledged candidacy.



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