Carl and Mike Best of 2014 Pt 1: Sex, Life, Advertising and Death


Carl and Mike Best of 2014 Pt 1Carl and Mike Best of 2014 Pt 1: Show Notes and Links.

After seven years of meeting for coffee every week, we decided to take our conversations public. We launched Carl and Mike on iTunes on October 14, 2014 so this is a Best of 2014 really only covers the last three months of the year. In Part 1 we talk about Sex, Life, Advertising and Death in pretty much that order. We hope you enjoy it and if do, please subscribe to Carl and Mike on iTunes at: or on Stitcher at: to get all our episodes in 2015 downloaded to your favorite device!

[00:00] Intro to Carl and Mike: After 7 years of coffee chats we finally launch our podcast! Listen in as we share our lives and the things  people aren’t supposed to talk about – Politics, Sex, and Religion.

[04:44]: Women and Knives: Carl and Mike discuss beautiful women and Mike reveals a weakness for women with knives.

[12:41]: Pussification Rules: Carl goes solo for a week and rebels against Pussification. And Michael admits he’s not certified to do laundry.

[22:58] Penis Rings: Carl and Mike talk about Penis rings – new “fit band technology for the penis” and kick around ideas to make it even better.

[29:11]: Future of Sex: How the porn industry is investing in virtual reality, and why men especially could be in serious trouble.

 [33:45]: Teenage Baked Potato: Carl admits to a past discretion dressed as a baked potato.

 [38:58]: Poor College Students: We discuss life when we were poor college students. And our worst fast food experiences. Michael brings new awareness to the term leftovers.

 [41:41]: Advertising – the Good, Bad and Ugly: Carl and Mike talk advertising – focusing on Lincoln’ new TV ads and SNL’s Parody of them. Mike rants on RX Commercials –the product names and side effects like 4-hour erections and anal leakage. Mike drools over the new Viagra spokesperson.

Ashes to Diamonds:  Carl shares a new way to leave something behind for your loved ones. Mike enlightens Carl on tribal scarring.



Diane Keaton: 

Uma Thurman 

High Tech Penis Ring:

Lincoln Ad:

Lincoln Ad Parody:

Meet the Sexy British Actress at Center of New Viagra Commercial:

Instead of Burials:


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