Carl and Mike Categories Update

We’ve cleaned up the place to make it easier for you to find things with new Carl and Mike categories.  Now if you  click on Podcast in the menu bar, you’ll find sub-categories like culture, politics, sex, religion etc. Click on any of these subcategories and you’ll find podcast episodes that contain these subjects.

For an even deeper find, use the search box and type in a keyword. For instance if you searched for Trump you’ll find all the podcasts where we talk about Trump. (Beware there are a lot of them!)

We hope this makes it easier for you to find the Carl and Mike episodes you’re looking for.

And remember to get every episode of Carl and Mike, subscribe to our show on iTunes or go to our home page and subscribe to our Mighty Fine show notes. That way every time we post and episode our show notes will show up in your inbox.

Thanks for the support!

Carl and Mike

Carl and Mike Categories

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