C&M48: Carl and Mike for President?


Carl and Mike for PresidentCarl and Mike for President Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.

Carl and Mike decide to explore running for President and begin to sketch out in broad terms what the foundation of their platform might look like; including ideas on wages. Plus conversation on the need to avoid complexities in politics, embrace best practices and use common sense. Along with side conversations on Greece, Social Security and Carpool Karaoke. Leave your air of invincibility at the door, it’s time for Carl and Mike!

[02:20]: Power of Word of Mouth: Carl and Mike discuss how word of mouth advertising is the most effective form of advertising. And the pros and cons of reviews. Plus Carl and Mike ask for reviews on their podcast.

[06:15]: Presidential Campaign Update: Carl and Mike discuss the latest on “the Donald”. Super Pac money is being used to raise profiles pre-debate and the wild west of campaign finance. Plus using the media to run on a shoestring budget.

[12:58]: Carpool Karaoke and Mighty Fine Show Notes: Mike plugs a new show where famous singers do karaoke in the car. And Carl plugs Carl and Mike’s Mighty Fine Show Notes.

[15:00]: Carl and Mike for President?: Carl and Mike decide to explore running for President. Plus how they’ll decide who goes on top of the ticket and the cushy job of being Vice-President. Why Clinton and Bush are not the right people to lead.

[19:08]: A Side Conversation on Social Security: Carl points out why raising the age on social security is a bad idea and how to fix it. Plus the rich make the rules.

[20:46]: Carl and Mike for President? Part 2: Carl and Mike continue the conversation about running and make the cast that they’ll be the poorest people running for President and a better representative of real everyday people. Plus how in today’s big money politics your vote doesn’t really count.

[24:00]: A Side Conversation on Greece: Mike goes over the situation in Greece and how the people’s voice isn’t really respected or acted upon.

[25:53]: Carl and Mike for President Part 3: Carl and Mike begin to sketch out in broad terms what their platform might look like including ideas on wages and taxes. Plus Mike imagines meeting Putin.

[30:09]: Best Practices, Common Sense and Thought Leadership: Carl and Mike discuss using and expanding best practices and proven programs from states and even other countries to move the country forward. Mike uses Colorado’s free birth control program as an example. Carl extols that common sense doesn’t have a political party. And they both have a “Thought Leadership Moment” around the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments.

[35:45]: Carl and Mike for President? Part 4: Carl and Mike emphasize that they’re exploring running for President and discuss the need to avoid complexities and the importance of livable wage jobs.

[43:55]: This Week’s What a Dick Award and Atta-Boy Award: Bill Cosby come get your What a Dick Award and give back your Medal of Freedom. And the Pope does it again with a simple apology. 



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