C&M44: Fallout From Charleston Shooting


Fallout from Charleston ShootingFallout from Charleston Shooting Show Notes and Links.

In Fallout from Charleston, Carl and Mike talk about the changes and reactions since the Charleston shooting. From the Confederate flag coming down, to Fox News racism denial, to the unbelievable level of forgiveness shown by some relatives of the victims.

[01:36]:  Putting Your Pet Down: Carl talks about his struggle on whether or not to put his dog Sara, down. Which leads to a discussion on euthanasia.

[06:10]: Presidential Update: 501’s, Shadow Campaigns, Backwards Reform Carl and Mike discuss the different forms of 501’s that can be used to donate to political campaigns anonymously.  Plus how campaign finance reform is going in the wrong direction.

[09:23]: The Fallout from the Charleston Shooting: Carl and Mike talk about the reactions to the Charleston Shootings including the significance of the Confederate flag. Fox News focus on mental illness as opposed to racism and white supremacy. The forgiveness shown by some of the relatives of the victims. Plus, how would you handle it if a friend started making threats about killing people?

[17:10]: America, the Best and Brightest?: Carl and Mike question where America is an advanced country. Were we ever the best and brightest? Is the country dumbing down? And is the current polarization due to a growing uneducated populace.

[23:15]: Congress Shall Pass No Law… Carl and Mike talk about the need for Congress to pass no laws that they themselves don’t live by.

[25:30]: Social Media as a Mirror and Living Screen to Screen: Carl and Mike discuss how media can simply be a mirror for who we are. How life today is a series of screens, plus how TV seems to numbs us out as opposed to the interaction of a computer screen.

[33:01]: The Pull of the Internet: Carl and Mike talk about how even the mundane on the Internet can hold our attention more than something interesting on TV. And try to figure out why.

[37:45]: What a Dick Award: This Week’s What a Dick award Mike nominates Apple. And Taylor Swift gets an “atta girl”. Carl goes for Fox and Friends.



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