C&M 16: A Call to Cartoon Protests


A Call to Cartoon ProtestsA Call to Cartoon Protests Show Notes and Links.

[01:19]: Manifestation Explanation: Carl attempts to explain how to manifest things in your life, including the importance of your Why and the unimportance of the How to create your What.

[07:34]: Habits, Compliments, and Mindfulness: We discuss the nature of habits, different types of compliments, and practicing mindfulness.

[16:34]: The Keystone Pipeline: We discuss the Keystone Pipeline and how it doesn’t make sense financially.

[21:48]: Roads, Tolls and Taxes: We discuss having car and oil companies pay for the roads. How Republicans make bad Government deals. And how tolls are just another way to tax people.

[31:31]: Standing Up to Terrorists and Dictators: Carl and Mike rail against the media and companies that let radicals and dictators dictate their actions. Plus Carl expresses concerns on how terrorism can lead to a police state.

 [42:35]: A Call to Cartoon Protests: Let’s do a cartoon protest to protest the killings of innocents in France. Carl and Mike call on the media to put cartoons of Mohammed on every magazine cover. And for everyone else to draw their own cartoon protests and put it on social media in support of free speech.

[48:32]: More Hacking in 2015: We discuss hacking and cyber warfare as a continuing trend in 2015.

[50:46]: Big Blue Party vs. Bose: Michael extols the excellence of Brookstone’s Big Blue Party wireless speaker after a side-by-side comparison with Bose.



 The Art of Manifesting: 8 Steps Towards Mastering the Art of Manifestation:



Keystone Pipeline: Truths and Myths About the Keystone Pipeline:



The Chalie Hebdo Mohammed cartoons: Media outlets shy away or take a stand: http://money.cnn.com/2015/01/07/media/charlie-hebdo-terror-attack-media-mohammed-cartoons/index.html


Everyone Draw Mohammed Day:



Big Blue Party:



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