C&M 61: Freelance Society


Freelance Society - Carlandmike.netFreelance Society Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.

Carl and Mike discuss the movement of the country from full-time employees to temps, part-timers and freelancers. And reimagine how work should work in the future. Plus, conversations on the Volkswagen emission scandal.  China and the New World Order, And proud to be technologically illiterate? Leave your playing by the rules at the door, it’s time for Carl and Mike!

[00:42]: Not Really Sponsored by F.A.R.T.S.: Carl introduces a not really sponsored by sponsor and discusses living in our microbial clouds.

[02:38]: Vacation in the “Lake States”: Carl and Mike talk about their upcoming vacation. And Mike makes fun of the Lake States.

[04:26]: Technologically Illiterate and Proud of It?: Carl tries to understand Mike’s fear of technology and pride around being techno illiterate.

[08:42]: Freelance Society: Carl and Mike discuss the pros and cons of the country moving from hiring full-time employees to a freelance society.

[15:42]: Reimagining How Work Works in the Future: Carl and Mike reimagine how society might support a freelance society, including changes to healthcare and schooling.

[21:11]: Volkswagen Emission Scandal: Carl and Mike discuss the Volkswagen scandal and the implications of fraud.

[26:15]: New World Order, China and Espionage: Carl and Mike speculate that as the problems of climate change and world trade take center state we’re slowing moving from state and country rights to country and world rights.

[29:48]: Volkswagen Emission Scandal Pt 2: Carl and Mike discuss what punishment Volkswagen should face for their blatant act of fraud.

[32:27]: Humankind’s Big Lesson: Handling Power Responsibly: Carl and Mike talk about the lack of moral responsibility of business, government, religion around money and power.





Explore Minnesota: http://www.exploreminnesota.com/index.aspx


On Their Own: Freelance Work Continues to Rise:



Despite Blurred Lines, Fortune Favoring the Freelance Economy



Dozens of Managers Implicated in Volkswagen Scandal:



The Man Who Discovered the Volkswagen Emissions Scandal:



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