C&M 9: Chunkin’ & Jivin’


Chunkin PumpkinsChunkin Pumpkins and Jivin on the Midterms, American Exceptionalism, and an Alternative to Being Buried.

Episode Nine Show Notes and Links:

[00:48]:  Number 9, Number 9: Carl and Mike share #9 and other pop culture sayings. Plus remembering Saturday Night Live.

[06:42]:  Baseball, Civil War and Trading Cards: Mike’s brief baseball career and trading baseball and civil war cards.

 0913:  Chunkin Pumpkins: Mike talks about chunking pumpkins and building trebuchets.

[14:06]:  Father and Son Moments Gone Bad: Carl shares his one caddy experience; Mike’s Dad disapproves of his girlfriend. Plus coming close to blows, having a dad talk and other rites of passage. And Mike shares his parenting skills.

[22:22]: Midterm Elections Fallout: Carl and Mike struggle to understand the voters thinking and the disconnect between what they say they’re for and how they vote.

 [30:35]: American Exceptionalism, Unions and Costco: Carl and Mike talk American Exceptionalism, the place for Unions, minimum wage and Wal-Mart versus Costco.

[42:40]: Blowback from Ep. 8 Midterm Blues: Carl and Mike answer a couple of comments about their approach to politics. And discuss how the political divide started, bringing back the draft and cultural globalization.

[57:51]: Ashes to Diamonds and Tribal Scarring:  Carl shares a new way to leave something behind for your loved ones. Mike enlightens Carl on tribal scarring.


World Championship Punkin’ Chunkin’:  http://punkinchunkin.com

Midterm Election Wrap Up:  http://www.politico.com/p/pages/2014-elections/

Campaigning for ISIS in the West:


Instead of Burials:  http://sfglobe.com/?id=18034&src=share_fb_new_18034


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