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Best of 2015 Thought LeadershipBest of 2015 Thought Leadership Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.

In the Best of Carl and Mike 2015 Thought Leadership, Carl and Mike come up with their ideas to make the world a better place. From musing about the future, brainstorming the next big thing, to having a conversation on race, teaching entrepreneurship, and searching for truth, Carl and Mike grapple with ideas big and small. It’s Thought Leadership at it’s finest…or maybe not. Leave your pipe pipedreams at the door, it’s time for Carl and Mike.

[01:16:] The Next Big Thing?: Carl and Mike brainstorm the next big thing in the sharing economy. It’s Thought Leadership at its finest… or not.

[05:50:] Futureal – The Next 25 Years: We discuss noted futurist Ray Kurzweil’s predictions for the next 25 years and the implications to society. The discussion goes from medical advances, the turing test, self-driving cars, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and creating anything out of thin air.

[19:50:] A Conversation on Race: Carl and Mike start a conversation on race. They begin by looking at each person’s starting point in life. Mike shares a story about racism in hiring. But the conversation quickly evolves into looking at privilege vs. non-privileged.

[27:58]: Teaching Entrepreneurship: How do you teach being an entrepreneur with today’s educational system? Carl talks about turning the classroom into a company that makes it own product or app. Plus the need to stop teaching “the google” world of facts and information and start teaching how to learn and becoming an entrepreneur.

[36:40:] Income Inequality: The Growing Wage Gap: Carl and Mike talk about the different classes of people and the growing wage gap inside a company. Including benefits like health and life insurance that are available to executives but not employee

[44:42:] Match.Not: Mike discusses the pitfalls of online dating. Then Carl and Mike share another moneymaking big idea this time on creating an app that improves the ability to find a date or mate online by bringing in video recommendations from friends and family.

[ 57:15:] Best Practices, Common Sense and Thought Leadership: Carl and Mike discuss using and expanding best practices and proven programs from states and even other countries to move the country forward. Mike uses Colorado’s free birth control program as an example. Carl extols that common sense doesn’t have a political party. And they both have a “Thought Leadership Moment” around the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments.

[01:02:20] Where is the Truth? : Carl and Mike get into a philosophical conversation around what is truth, right and wrong, the battle of fear and the control of minds.

[01:08:05:] Humankind’s Big Lesson: Handling Power Responsibly: Carl and Mike talk about the lack of moral responsibility of business, government, religion around money and power.



Disruptive Economy Hotel Falls


EP 64: 01:16: The Next Big Thing?: http://carlandmike.net/cm64-disruptive-economy/



Futureal: The Next 25 Years



EP 20: 05:50: Futureal – The Next 25 Yearshttp://carlandmike.net/futureal-next-25-years/


Conversation on Race


EP 46: 19:50 A Conversation on Race: http://carlandmike.net/conversation-on-race-ep46/



Rise of the Entrepreneur


Ep 36: 27:58: Teaching Entrepreneurship: http://carlandmike.net/cm36-rise-of-the-entrepreneur/



Income Inequality and the Sins of the 1%


EP 31: 36:40 Income Inequality: The Growing Wage Gap: http://carlandmike.net/cm31-income-inequality-for-all-except-the-1/



Match.Not: The perils of online dating


EP 18: 44:42: Match.Not: http://carlandmike.net/cm18-match-not-online-dating/




Carl and Mike for President


EP48: 57:15: Best Practices, Common Sense and Thought Leadership: http://carlandmike.net/carl-and-mike-president-ep48/



Greetings from Europe: Refugees and Religious Freedom


EP 57: 01:02:20 Where is the Truth?: http://carlandmike.net/cm57-greetings-from-europe-refugees-and-religious-freedom/



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