C&M18: Match.NOT


Match.Not: How To Fix Online DatingMatch.NOT – The Pitfalls of Online Dating and How to Fix It – Show Notes and Links.

[02:05]: Hitting the Snooze Button: We discuss the thinking behind the snooze button and morning and evening people.

[4:42]: Obama’s State of the Union: We briefly overview the new Obama as evident in his recent state of the nation speech.

[7:00]: The Housing Destruction of Detroit: We discuss how the banking collapse of 2008 and approach to housing by the banks has destroyed neighborhoods in Detroit and other areas as bad as Katrina.

[12:37]: Poaching vs. Creating Jobs: We talk about the effects of poaching jobs from one area of the U.S. versus actually creating jobs and how cities need to adapt.

 [18:42]: Dying Malls: We talk about how Internet shopping has ended the growth of malls. And different ways dying malls and stores are changing to showrooms and the mistakes and pitfalls of the changing retail landscape.

[23:17]: The Future of Drones: A discussion on drones for shipping products turns into a discussion on the future of drones, from meth drones, to drone wars, to real estate drones. Plus drones as sky pollution. 

[29:12]: Match.Not: Mike discusses the pitfalls of online dating. Then Carl and Mike share their big idea on how you could improve online dating apps.

[40:35]: Facebook Friends and Being De-friended: In an aside to the main discussion on online dating, we talk about friends on Facebook and what happens friend-wise when a couple divorces.

[43:44]: Marriage Opposites vs. Similarities: We talk about what attracts more — opposites or similarities and how that could effect online dating. Plus we share what happened when we met our wives and the initial attraction.

 [57:24]: Wrap Up: Mike does a reading out of the Duluth Trading Company catalog for Big Ass Brick of Soap.



 GooBing Detroit: Alex Alsup has been tracking the decline of Detroit neighborhoods on his tumblr blog. http://www.goobingdetroit.com

Tracking Urban Decay in Detroit:  http://www.geolounge.com/using-google-street-view-track-urban-decay 

Darkroastedblend.com: A highly visual weird and wonderful online magazine to complement your daily coffee.

Abandoned Places & Urban Exploring: http://www.darkroastedblend.com/2008/02/abandoned-places.html

Online Dating Disappointments Emerge Despite Advances: http://www.bostonglobe.com/lifestyle/2015/01/02/despite-advances-online-dating-services-disappointments-emerge/W8uu6B4SKlrxXoulBjxzZI/story.html

Harville Hendrix —  Getting the Love You Want: http://www.harvillehendrix.com

Duluth Trading Company Big Ass Brick of Soap –Naval Supremecy:



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