C&M21: Strange Planet


Strange Planet Ep 21C&M21: Strange Planet: Anti-Vaxxers, ISIS, Extreme Fundamentalism and a One Way Ticket to Mars.

[00:55]: Science Under Attack: Carl returns from being sick with flu, which leads to a discussion on the recent anti-vaccine movement. And the anti-science backlash going on in the culture today.

 [06:16]: One-Way Tickets to Mars: Carl and Mike are incredulous about people signing up for a 1-way ticket to Mars. Carl questions the legality of the expedition. And they come up with the perfect movie idea – Die Hard Mars.

[13:30]: Apple and Tesla: Apple and Tesla gossip as Carl and Mike swoon over the new Tesla car and marvel at Apple’s success. Plus Mike looks at getting a new iPhone 6.

 [21:15]: Extreme Fundamentalism vs. the Modern World: Discussion of the Strange Planet we live on contrasting between the technologically advanced modern society and  ISIS attempt to take us back to the 7th century. Mike attempts to try understanding ISIS fundamentalism logic through the prism of the Golden Rule.

[33:00]: One-Way Ticket to the War Zone: Mike argues that the Government should stop trying to rescue Americans that go over to Middle East war zones – even if they went for humanitarian reasons.

[39:38]: Losing My Religion: Jesus on the side of Islam? Why do Christians read the Old Testament, which are Jewish books? Michael suggests a mash up of all the “bibles” into one book. Plus religion as Network Marketing. Finally, at the end of the day would the world be better off without religion?

45:23 Good Vibrations: Carl and Mike explore creating reality through understanding vibrations and other out-there thoughts.Strange Planet Birth of Q

[51:37]: Starting a New Religion: The Birth of Q: Carl and Mike start a new religion IDK — I Don’t Know — highlighted by the letter Q and  centered on asking questions and not having answers. Talk centers about the benefits of IDK and the harder road of uncertainty to attract followers.

[59:43]: The 80/20 Rule: Carl introduces the 80/20 rule to highlight our natural predisposition and gravitation to the familiar and known.

[1:02:21]: Closing Thoughts: TeeSpring, Rev Bob, Cults, and The Birth of Q.



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Disease of Certainty: http://carlandmike.net/disease-of-certainty-ep14/

Reverend Bob: http://www.revbob.com/

Teespring: http://teespring.com

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