C&M25: The Nature of Evil


Nature of Evil 1The Nature of Evil Show Notes and Links.

[01:42]: Cracking the Whip: Mike gets the weekend to himself, but that doesn’t stop his wife from cracking the whip! Carl works out to fix his feet.

[04:47]: Dreaming of Tesla: Mike is excited about getting to ride in a Tesla over the weekend. Plus a discussion on an Apple car and a world of driverless cars in the not-so-distant future.

[13:16]: Capitalism: Produce More, Earn More, Consume More, No More?: Carl and Mike talk about how the efficiency of the Internet and technology inventions is changing capitalism, as we know it.

[18:21]: Cynical vs. Skeptical: Carl and Mike discuss the difference between cynicism and skepticism and where’s the line?

[21:45]: Haley Mills, Annette Funicello and Jan Brady.: Carl and Mike share some of the famous girls they had the hots for growing up.

[23:28]: Run Teddy Run: Carl and Mike discuss Ted Cruz’s presidential candidacy including his launch at Liberty University and his plan to go on Obamacare.

33:49: The Nature of Evil: Carl and Mike discuss the nature of evil and what is behind it. Nature of Evil 2Included in this discussion is the co-pilot who crashed the plane into a mountain in the Alps. ISIS, Boka Haram, and Robert Durst.

 [38:54]: Questions About Evil: Is evil a form of mental illness? Can evil be rehabilitated? Is the death penalty appropriate response to evil? What would the Dali Lama say on how to respond to evil?

[49:31]: To Put a Cap in the Head or to Not Cap in the Head?: Carl and Mike debate if killing someone is the best way to handle evil individuals in war and with people who commit horrific crimes.

[59:57]: Stuck in the Middle East: Carl and Mike discuss how to handle and get out of the Middle East quagmire.



Tesla: http://www.teslamotors.com

Cruz – Palin Poster: http://motleynews.net/2013/11/05/cruz-palin-2016/

Germanwings and Evil:


Germanwings Co-Pilot was Treated for Suicidal Tendencies:


People of the Lie: http://www.amazon.com/People-Lie-Hope-Healing-Human/dp/0684848597

Short Term 12 Film: http://shortterm12.com


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