C&M26: Sex in a Box


Sex in a Box Carl and Mike Sex in a Box Show Notes and Links.

It’s another episode of politics, religion and sex as only Carl and Mike can do it. On the political and religious front it’s a two for one as we talk about Indiana and its Religious Freedom Law and the Fundamentalist fear around gay marriage. Plus religion and forced compliance, forgiveness and fear of the other. And then there’s Sex…in a Box! A new reality show that we can’t really believe exists. Plus Mike reports back on his Tesla test-drive. Leave your playing by the rules at the door; it’s time for Carl and Mike!

[01:16]: Mike’s Tesla Drive: Mike shares his experience of riding in and driving a Tesla. And then goes to a BMW dealership to compare it to the new BMWi3.

[19:12]: Indiana and its Religious Freedom Law: Carl and Mike deconstruct the thinking behind the recent Religious Freedom Law in Indiana.

[30:17]: Forced Compliance and Forgiveness: Carl and Mike discuss forced compliance in the Scientology and the Mormon Church. Plus Catholic confessions, Carl plays Mass as a kid, and the possibility of the Pope bailing early? And are Presbyterians really necessary?

[43:16] Let’s Talk Gay Marriage: Carl and Mike discuss the Fundamentalist fear around gay marriage. Plus will the upcoming Supreme Court decision end debate once and for all?

[49:17]: Fear of the Other: Carl and Mike discuss why people that were long hair pot-smoking hippies in their youth grow up to become very conservative.

[56:17] Sex in a Box: Carl and Mike marvel at the audacity of a new reality show called Sex Box.



Tesla: http://www.teslamotors.com

Five Things You Haven’t Considered About Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law: http://www.cnn.com/2015/04/01/politics/indiana-religion-law-text/

Going Clear – HBO Documentary on Scientology: NYT Review


Francis Expects His Papacy to be No More Than Five Years:


Sex Box: http://www.wetv.com/sex-box/videos/sex-box-trailer

Sex Box puts sex in a box inside another box in your living room:


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