C&M27: Walmartization of America


Walmartization of America

Walmartization of America Show Notes and Links.

Carl and Mike talk about the Walmartization of America and the homogenizing effects of Capitalism in general. They also get into a conversation about religion and the seeming need for people to reduce God into a definable box. Plus, what’s the difference between erotica and pornography? Can criminal minds be rehabilitated? And raising kids smarter than us. Be we start this episode with an update on Carl and Mike at their 6-month anniversary.

[02:08]: 6th Month Anniversary: Carl shares some stats about Carl and Mike on their six-month anniversary. Mike wonders who the heck is actually listening to us. And we try to figure out just who this podcast is actually for.

[09:24]: Religious Conversations: Carl and Mike discuss the difficulties of having a religious conversation today. And the need for people to reduce God into a definable box. Does a greater interest in religion as you get older fill the need to be told what to do?

[24:30]: Where’s the Line Between Erotica and Pornography: Is pornography all about power? Or is it subjective? And some final thoughts on a conversation from our last episode, about the reality TV show Sex Box.

[31:09]: Criminal Minds and Rehabilitation: Carl and Mike discuss why criminals think they way they do. Which leads into a conversation about using genetics or therapy to change criminal behavior.

[42:25] The Homogenizing Effect of Capitalism: Carl and Mike discuss how capitalism with big companies and franchises like Wal Mart (Walmartization) and McDonalds homogenizes our world. And debate the pros and cons of that effect.

[51:16]: Walking Around the House Naked: Enough said.

[54:42]:  Raising Kids to be Smarter Than You: Mike shares his parenting philosophy and attempts to direct his kids away from bad situations without giving them marching orders.

[1:00]:  Wrap Up: Carl shares how you can subscribe to Carl and Mike and how you can get our show notes and links emailed directly to your inbox. Plus a special announcement.



What Distinguishes Erotica from Pornography?


Punishment Fails. Rehabilitation Works.


Watch the Growth of Walmart and Sam’s Club 1962-2010: http://projects.flowingdata.com/walmart/

Sex Box: http://www.wetv.com/sex-box/videos/sex-box-trailer


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