C&M32: Scary Clowns and Free Range Kids


Scary Clowns and Free Range KidsScary Clown and Free Range Kids Show Notes and Links.

On Scary Clowns, Mike tries to find his happy place. Old flames get jealous. Wives won’t watch violent films. Plus scary clowns and a discussion on how attitudes have changed around letting kids go outside unsupervised.

[03:52]: Getting Centered and Finding the Happy Place: Mike reflects on his crankiness from the previous episode and decides to make some changes including meditation. Carl extols the book, Power of Now to help get centered in the present.

[12:30]: Jealousy and Old Flames: Carl and Mike talk about old flames that were very jealous. Plus Carl recalls a time when his wife got jealous of his momentary infatuation with Uma Thurman and Mike launches into his own Uma Thurman infatuation.

[16:13]: Wives, Guys and Violent Movies: Carl and Mike talk about how their wives won’t go to violent movies. And what if the shoe was on the other foot?

19:34: Scary Clowns: Carl and Mike talk about how their attitudes with clowns have taken a turn to the dark side. Mike wonders if magicians and priests aren’t just as creepy. Carl wonders if we’ve lost Scary Clownsour innocence.

[22:50] The Last Free Range Kids: Scary clowns leads into a discussion about allowing kids to go outside unsupervised. Carl and Mike talk about the freedom they had as kids, versus kids today. Is society more dangerous or are we just more afraid due to more exposure and fear from the media?

[31:36]: Point – Counterpoint: Carl and Mike do a mock point—counterpoint on… “is using technology to monitor free range kids a good or bad thing?”

[34:10]: Crime Down, Anxiety Up – Fear Sells: Carl and Mike talk about the fact that even though crime is down anxiety and gun sales are up. Which just goes to show the power of fear. Plus perceived fear versus real fear.



Book: The Power of Now:  http://www.amazon.com/Power-Now-Guide-Spiritual-Enlightenment/dp/1577314808/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1431038965&sr=1-1&keywords=power+of+now


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