C&M33: Prosperity Jesus


Prosperity Jesus and the decline of religion

 Prosperity Jesus (and the Decline of Religion) Show Notes and Links.

On Prosperity Jesus, Carl and Mike talk about Bernie Sanders entering the race for President and what it takes to run for the highest office. Plus Sugar Daddy Billionaires, Scandal Fatigue and the Clinton Machine. Then the main discussion on the decline of religion and the rise of Prosperity Jesus.

[00:45]:  Guys Take Care of Things Except on Sit Coms: Carl and Mike talk about the things guys are supposed to take care of and how men are portrayed on sit coms.

[04:17]: Bernie Sanders In the Race. Who’s Next?  Carl and Mike?: Carl and Mike are excited that finally America is finally going to hear from a real socialist. As opposed to Democrats who are called Socialists by Republicans. Michael searches online for what’s required for Carl and Mike to run for president.

[08:57]: Sugar Daddy/Sugar Babe Billionaires: Carl and Mike talk about billionaires picking their candidates and what’s their return on their investments? Plus the coming effects of Citizen United on foreign money.

[16:11]: Scandal Fatigue vs. the Clinton Machine: Carl and Mike discuss the recent Clinton Cash book on foreign money going to the Clinton Foundation. Plus, the potential of a Republican game plan to wear down voters who are Clinton supporters with a constant drip of trumped up “scandal”.

21:49: The Decline of Religion: Carl and Mike talk about a recent Wall St. article on the links between bad times and increased religious activity. And how the future of religion looks bleak because religion needs secrecy, which is becoming in short supply in the Internet Age.Decline of Religion and rise of prosperity jesus

[26:35]: Prosperity Jesus: Carl and Mike talk about the rise of religion focused on prosperity. And imagine how Prosperity Jesus might think and act. Carl shares how religion reminds him of tofu.

[34:14]: The Religion of Q: Mike calls for the followers of Q to take action! Carl…not so much.



Bernie Sanders for President: https://berniesanders.com

All Money is Dirty: http://www.usnews.com/opinion/blogs/susan-milligan/2015/05/11/clinton-cash-asks-the-wrong-questions-about-foundation-donations

U.S. Billionaire Political Power Index:


Why the Future of Religion is Bleak: http://www.wsj.com/articles/why-the-future-of-religion-is-bleak-1430104785?

Losing Faith in America: http://www.christiantoday.com/article/losing.faith.in.america.study.shows.decline.in.religion.rise.in.atheism/53790.htm



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