C&M35: Texas vs. USA: The Jade Helm Conspiracy


Jade Helm Texas vs USATexas vs USA: The Jade Helm Conspiracy Show Notes and Links.

Carl and Mike talk about the recent fears that the US is about to invade and impose martial law in Texas. And they come up with their own conspiracy story. Plus disgust at the political pandering around Jade Helm. And thoughts on big government, big corporations, fixing welfare and living in a different world from the streets of Baltimore.

[02:55]:  Texas vs USA: Mike is embarrassed by the recent fears about the United States invading Texas. Carl wants to call this for what it is. Mike outlines the secret military plan to invade and take away your weapons. Carl piles on regarding the Wal-Mart internment camps.

[11:18]: Big Government, Big Corporations: Carl and Mike discuss the differences between big government and big corporations, even though they both take your money.

[16:21]:  Political Ideology vs. Race: Does political ideology trump race on the Republican side of the fence? Would Republicans actually vote for a Ben Carson?

[18:18]: Privileged White Male: In light of the Baltimore riots Carl and Mike discuss being a privileged white male and how it isolates us to the environment the average black male grows up in.

[24:14] Painting the Poor in Extreme Terms: Carl and Mike talk about conservatives painting the poor, disenfranchised and welfare recipients in extreme terms. Carl suggests creating livable wages instead of minimum wages to get people off the welfare rolls.

[33:38]: We’re Not #1, Securing Borders and Political Pandering Around Jade Helm: Carl and Mike Jade Helm Texas Conspiracywonder if Texas politicians like Governor Abbot are pandering to the fears of some Texans around Jade Helm or are they true believers themselves?




Jade Helm 15 Brings Wild Speculation in Texas about Martial Law:


Alex Jones: Jade Helm is to Prepare For a Police State Culture:


 Jade Helm Not Martial Law


This is Beyond Chaos – The American Conservative (article since taken down)
Texas vs USA Jade Helm

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