C&M36: Rise of the Entrepreneur


Rise of the EntrepreneurThe Rise of the Entrepreneur Show Notes and Links.

On Rise of the Entrepreneur, Carl and Mike talk about generational icons. Growing up with no contemporary entrepreneurs to look up to. What schools can do to develop entrepreneurship? Plus, updates on running for President and the Presidential campaign. Binging on Serial. And a special public service announcement for teenage boys.

[01:10]:  Texas S.A.D.:Mike gets a case of Seasonal Adjustment Disorder (S.A.D.) from a little rain in Texas. Carl sighs and cleans the gutters.

[4:02]: Binging on Serial and Grace and Frankie: Carl listens to Serial before going to bed and it keeps him up all night. Mike binge watches Grace and Frankie. Plus speed listening to podcasts and how it makes Mike sound like a Texas chipmunk.

 [11:54]: Running for President Update: Mike continues researching what it takes to run for President and the financial freedom of not officially announcing. On the campaign front, Carl and Mike talk about the latest Jeb Bush missteps. Marco Rubio gets a sugar daddy billionaire. And could you vote for a presidential candidate who has been divorced?

[ 22:54]: Power of Confidence: Carl and Mike give a public service announcement to teenage boys around the need for confidence.

[ 29:34]: Rise of the Entrepreneur: Carl and Mike discuss how until recently nobody wanted their kids to be an entrepreneur. And how there were no contemporary iconic entrepreneurs from the 1940’s until the rise of the entrepreneur with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

[35:14]:  Generational Icons: Carl and Mike talk about how each generation creates their own icons from different aspects of society. And how growing up rock stars became the icons of our generation.

[37:43]: Teaching Entrepreneurship: How do you teach being an entrepreneur with today’s educational system? Carl talks about turning the classroom into a company that makes it own product or app. Plus the need to stop teaching “the google” world of facts and information and start teaching how to learn will help bring on the rise of the entrepreneur.



 The Serial Podcast: http://serialpodcast.org

Grace and Frankie: http://www.netflix.com/WiMovie/80017537

FEC Candidate Registration Brochure: http://www.fec.gov/pages/brochures/candregis.shtml#fn2

Student Clashes with Jeb Bush:


 1 Million Missing Entrepreneurs: https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/economy/report/2015/05/21/111890/1-million-missing-entrepreneurs/

 “Shark Tank” Style Show Puts Student Entrepreneurs in Spotlight:




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