C&M37: Norway and Sex Education


Sex Education in NorwayNorway and Sex Education Show Notes and Links.

Sex Education is alive and well in Norway as young kids explicitly learn the ins and outs. Back home on the presidential campaign, Huckabee’s past hucksterism comes back to haunt him. Followed by a discussion of the republicans branding of the poor, and the loss of rainbows. Plus, Carl and Mike get a visit, Glenn Beck has a death wish, and plans are made for a Rocky Mountain High. Leave your lack of multicultural awareness at the door, it’s time for Carl and Mike!

[02:40]: Content Creators & Clammr: Carl and Mike talk about creating content on the Internet and how most people just regurgitate things that reinforce what they know or believe.

[05:02]: Rocky Mountain High: Mike plans a trip to Denver and plans to bring back some goodies to Texas. Plus Red Rocks, Lyle Lovett and Max’s Wine Dive.

[07:51]: Presidential Update: Mike updates his latest learning about what it takes to be President. And is Presidential Candidate Willeat A. Bush related to Jeb? Plus Mike Huckabee’s venture into hucksterism.

[13:29]: Branding the Poor: Carl and Mike talk about the branding the Republicans have done on the Poor but how it ultimately boxes them in. Plus,Glenn Beck’s death wish.

[18:58]: Religion Update: Rush Limbaugh blames the gay activists for religion’s decline. Mike educates Carl on religion’s loss of the rainbow. Sarah Silverman and Noah, Pope Francis converting Raul Castro, and the Middle East keeps being the Middle East.

[25:30]: Norway and Sex Education: Mike enlightens Carl on the Sex Education classes being shown to Norway Sex Educationyoung kids in Norway. Carl argues that you can’t be against abortion and sex education. And Carl and Mike get a visit from Mike’s sister Kim. Carl educates Mike on the difference between venial and mortal sins.


 Max’s Wine Dive in Denver: http://www.maxswinedive.com/denver-east-7th-avenue/contact/

Mike Huckabee and the Diabetes Cure He Endorsed that “No Health Agency Supports”: http://www.politifact.com/punditfact/statements/2015/may/13/ron-fournier/mike-huckabee-and-diabetes-cure-he-endorsed-no-hea/

 Glenn Beck is Pretty Sure the Government Wants to Murder Him in His Sleep: http://www.salon.com/2015/05/08/glenn_beck_ferguson_and_baltimore_are_proof_the_government_will_murder_me_in_my_sleep/

 Rainbows and the Bible:


Norway Debuts Explicit Sex Education Show for 8 Year Olds:


Republican Lawmaker: Teach Sex Ed? You’re Going to Jail:



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