C&M43: The Donald: Brilliant Buffoon


The Donald - Brilliant BuffoonThe Donald – Brilliant Buffoon Show Notes and Links.

Carl and Mike share their glee about Donald Trump running for President and marvel at his brilliantly buffoonish behavior. Plus updates from the Presidential Campaign, a follow up on The Briefcase of Shame Reality TV family, and going to the movies as a kid.

[00:53]:  Old Time Movie Theaters and James Bond: Carl and Mike talk about going to movies as a kid and the first movie they saw. Plus their favorite James Bond and James Bond film.

[04:36]:  The Donald: Brilliant Buffoon: Carl and Mike share their glee about Donald Trump running for President, what it means for the Republicans, and who actually supports The Donald.

[12:29]:   On the Presidential Campaign Trail: Jeb Bush’s logo and social conservative cred. Hillary’s Yesterday Speech and the Clown Bus fills up making for a crowded debate.

[18:25]: The Donald: Brilliant Buffoon Pt. 2: Carl and Mike speculate on The Donald as part of the Republican debate and what would happen if he is not allowed in the debates. Plus, the Donald on the Morning Joe show, and his appealing, yet buffoonish behavior.

[25:06] What a Dick Award: The Donald: Carl and Mike honor their new What a Dick award to The Donald for his comments on Mexicans as rapists.

[27:26]: The Briefcase of Shame Follow Up: Carl and Mike follow up on their discussion of The Briefcase (Episode 40) with a review of the first episode personal reactions.



Witless Ape Rides Escalator:The Donald - Brilliant Buffoon 2


Is Donald Trump a Clown, A Loser, or a Brilliant Satirist?


Donald Trump for President: https://www.donaldjtrump.com

Donald Trump on Morning Joe: The Country is Doing Terribly: http://www.msnbc.com/morning-joe/watch/donald-trump–the-country-is-doing-terribly-467434563618

Donald Trump Announces Presidential Bid by Trashing Mexico, Mexicans:


Rubio, GOP Paint Hillary as “Yesterdays News”:


A Review of CBS The Briefcase and it’s $100,000 Decision:


Briefcase of Shame – Ep 40 – Carl and Mike Podcast:



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