C&M57: Greetings From Europe: Refugees and Religious Freedom


Greetings from Europe: Refugees and Religious FreedomGreetings from Europe Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.

In Greetings from Europe we discuss the Syrian refugees flooding into Europe and the need for immigrants to assimilate into their new country. Plus religious freedom and gay marriage. Trump takes an oath. Sanders refuses to feed the beast. Losing our faith in institutions and what is truth anyway? All that and Carl goes without his cellphone for a week. Leave your opinion myopia at the door, it’s time for Carl and Mike.

[01:53:] Podcasting, Cell Phones and the Need to Connect: Carl goes cell-phone less for a week, which leads into a conversation about the need to connect and how technology helps or hampers the communication process. Plus Carl and Mike navel gaze at our own show — is video podcasting better than audio?

[10:23:] Syrian Refugees: Carl and Mike talk about the refugees from Syria and argue that the Arab countries in the region should bear the brunt in it.

[13:54:] Muslims in Canada Not Eating Pork: Carl and Mike turn their attention to Muslims in Canada wanting laws to change on religious grounds. And argue for the need for refugees and immigrants to assimilate and not the other way around.

[16:58:] Religious Freedom: Carl and Mike talk about the Religious Freedom issue around gay marriage in Kentucky. Plus talk about states like Alabama that are considering getting out of the marriage business and leaving it to the church.

[24:48:] Trump Takes an Oath: Carl and Mike talk about the implications of Trump taking an oath to not running as a 3rd party candidate.

[27:05:] Not Feeding the Beast: Carl talks about how Bernie Sanders doesn’t play the media games. Mike gives an “attaboy” to the Pope for his recent forgiveness around abortion.

[31:23:] Losing our Faith In Institutions: Carl talks about moments in life where he lost his faith in our institutions like the Supreme Court and the Papacy.

[33:50:] Where is the Truth?: Carl and Mike get into a philosophical conversation around what is truth, right and wrong, the battle of fear and the control of minds.



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