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We're All Refugees - Carl and Mike PodcastWe’re All Refugees Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.

Carl and Mike discuss the Syrian refugee crisis. With a focus on the media’s narrative and the role of Saudi Arabia and Europe. Plus our own refugee past. Also Bernie attends Liberty U and Mike buys a car…out of state. Leave your innocent bigotry at the door, it’s time for Carl and Mike!

[00:59:] Mike’s Car Buying Tips

Mike talks about buying a new car…out of state. Complete with sheepskin seat covers.

[6:10:] Media and the Refugees Story: Carl and Mike talk about the Syrian refugee crisis including stories the media isn’t showing and the narrative they are promoting.

[11:47:] Saudi Arabia and the US: Carl and Mike discuss the weird, secretive relationship with Saudi Arabia and the United States.

[15:15:] Europe, Syria and Assad: Carl and Mike talk about Europe the refugee crisis. Plus why is Assad still alive?

[19:13:] We Are All Refugees: Are people coming across our Mexican border refugees or migrants? Plus Obama unplugged dropping the U-bomb. Wops, Irish and other immigrants.

[22:24:] Bernie Sanders at Liberty U: Carl and Mike talk about Bernie’s recent visit to Liberty U. Plus Mike dreams of a Sanders/Warren ticket.

[24:44:]   I Think I’m Turning Christian: Carl and Mike offers tips for Syrians to claim being Christian to get refugee status in Europe.

[27:10:] First World Pricks: Carl and Mike as President share their plan for solving Saudi Arabia and the Syrian refugee crisis.



Cash Car Convert: http://cashcarconvert.com

Hungarian reporter fired after deliberately tripping Syrian refugee: http://english.alarabiya.net/en/News/middle-east/2015/09/09/Hungarian-reporter-fired-after-deliberately-tripping-Syrian-refugees-.html

Syrian Refugees: A Snapshot of the Crisis in the Middle East and Europe: http://syrianrefugees.eu  We're All Refugees - Syrians

What did Saudi Arabia offer to refugees in Germany?



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