C&M63: GOP Cannibalism


GOP CannibalismGOP Cannibalism Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.

In GOP Cannibalism, Carl and Mike discuss the unraveling of the GOP and how their self-created Fear Machine is now eating its own. With more on Trump, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and the Benghazi hearings. Plus, Carl’s wife has a fall, while Mike falls for Amy Schumer. Leave your lack of awareness at the door, it’s time for Carl and Mike!

[00:47]: Doc-in-the-Box: Carl talks about his foray into the medical system after his wife has a fall. Plus Carl plays the unusual role of nursemaid. And the different stages of marriage.

[07:31]: Gun Insanity Follow Up: Carl and Mike discuss further insane NRA legislation proposals.

[08:33]: The Republican Takeover: From Trump and Carson’s rise in the polls, to the Benghazi hearings, to bad establishment candidates to the Freedom Caucus, Carl and Mike discuss the disarray of the Republican Party.

[19:57]: The GOP Fear Machine: Carl and Mike talk about how the Republican Party’s fear machine is now devouring its own. And how the Republican’s are going to have to let it play out.

[22:57]: GOP Takeover Pt 2.: Rallying around Ryan. Cruz waits in the wings. Trump the businessman? Trump the Evangelical? More on the dismantling of the GOP.



Gun Insanity: http://carlandmike.net/gun-insanity-cm62/

Proof that the Benghazi Investigation is Totally Unlike Any Other, in Two Charts


Why the GOP love to eat its own – and Democrats don’t


Comparing Embassy Attacks – Reagan, Bush, Obama Administrations


Trump and Our Private Thoughts: http://carlandmike.net/cm58-trump-and-our-private-thoughts/

Amy Schumer Live at the Apollo:


Carl’s and Mike’s Damn that Makes Sense Platform for America:



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