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Disruptive Economy Hotel FallsDisruptive Economy Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.

In Disruptive Economy Carl and Mike discuss the disruptive nature of the new sharing economy. Plus we debate, wonder and brainstorm on what’s the next big thing, tesla’s upgrade, exponential change and chicks with dicks. It’s Thought Leadership at its finest…or not.

[00:55]: Disruptive Economy: Carl and Mike talk about the disruptive nature of the sharing economy brought about by companies like AirbNb and Uber.

[08:35]: What’s Next in the Sharing Economy: Carl and Mike contemplate and debate where crowdsourcing and the sharing economy might be going.

[14:44]: The Next Big Thing? Carl and Mike brainstorm the next big thing in the sharing economy. It’s Thought Leadership at its finest… or not.

[18:41]: Chicks w/Dicks and Disrupting Playboy: Carl and Mike careen off into a brief sex talk about chicks with dicks, and Playboy’s recent cover up.

[21:22]: Disruptive Economy and the Exponential Curve: Carl and Mike discuss the effect of our society going digital and how it creates exponential change.

[25:48]: Tesla’s Upgrade and Final Thoughts on the Leading Edge: Carl and Mike talk about recent software update to Tesla and share final thoughts about the disruptive economy and life on the leading edge.


Disruptive Economy LINKS:

Bold by Peter Diamandis & Steven Kotler : http://www.boldbook.com

Airbnb: http://airbnb.com

Uber: http://uber.com

The Future of the Sharing Economy: Boon, brand or bust?


High Tech Penis Ring — conversation on Pussification Rules: http://carlandmike.net/episode-4-pussification-rules/

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