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In American Authoritarianism, Carl and Mike talk about a recent article on the Rise of Authoritarianism in America and what fuels it. Plus they go dumpster diving in the Trump bin. But beforehand, Mike shares his experience of his wife having a heart attack, and life inside the American health care system. All that plus global warming and Hitler Rant Parodies, Leave your blind obedience at the door; it’s time for Carl and Mike.

[00:28]: Global Warming – Your Facts or Mine?: Carl and Mike discuss the weather, and the VW scandal and the inability to agree even on facts. Plus the lack of government regulation and consequences.

[05:05]: Hitler Rant Parodies: Carl shares a favorite online diversion of watching re-dubbed videos of Hitler ranting about current events.

[06:26]: Anita’s Heart Attack: Mike shares his experience of his wife having a heart attack in the middle of the night. Plus their ensuing experience with the American health care system.

[ 13:34]: Health Insurance and Drug Costs: Carl and Mike talk about the cost of drugs needed after a common surgical procedure of getting a stent and how its priced out. Plus how drug companies manipulate the system for additional profit.

[19:53]: American Authoritarianism: Carl and Mike discuss a recent article in Vox (see link below) on the rise of American Authoritarianism. How and why it is happening here, the mindset that drives it and the establishment and GOP fuels it.

[ 30:16]: Dumpster Diving in the Trump Bin: Carl goes over the different groups of people that are giving Trump his base. And argues that it goes beyond the KKK supporters and how we’re foolish to discount Trump being able to win the general election.

[38:42]: Poll-Free Zone: Mike wonders what the election season would be like if there were no reporting on polls.

[42:01]: Cynical Watch: Trump is only the beginning as he lays the foundation for even worse things to come.



 Hitler Rant Parodies:



The Rise of American Authoritarianism



Dumpster Diving in the Trump Bin:



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