C&M78: Islands of the 1%


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In Islands of the 1% Carl and Mike discuss the fallout and potential implications from the release of the Panama Papers. The ego of the donating class and is greed a virus? In Politics, will Trump pull a Perot? The illusion of democracy, and could all the leading candidates be forced out? Plus, Bernie’s missed opportunity. Finally, prisons in Germany are not what you think. Leave your false impressions at the door; it’s time for Carl and Mike!

[01:12]: Trump To Pull a Perot? Carl floats the idea that Donald Trump could quit before it’s all over based on a recent article he read from an ex-staffer in the Trump campaign.

[ 04:40]: The Illusion of Democracy: From super delegates to gerrymandering to the different shenanigans going on behind the scenes in both parties, Carl and Mike discuss the many way voters votes aren’t counting.

[07:52]: Islands of the 1% Part 1: Carl and Mike discuss the release of the Panama Papers and the potential implications of politicians and the 1% hiding their cash in tax havens over the world.

[ 11:14]: And Then There Were None?: Carl and Mike imagine scenarios that knock out the leading candidates leading to a wild finish in the Election of 2016,

[ 14:09]: Islands of the 1% Part 2: More discussion on the 1%, plus forcing financial advisors to act in their clients best interests, flash trading and is greed a virus?

[20:51]: Ego and the Donating Class: Mike highlights how money is donated for bricks and mortar and other “ego” reasons, but are less willing to pay for non-glamorous needs.

[24:38]: Bernie’s Missed Opportunity & Messaging: Carl laments on Bernie’s missed opportunity and how Democrats need better copywriters. Plus imaging Ted Cruz with a dominatrix.

[30:57]: Prisons in Germany: Carl and Mike discuss a recent episode of 60 Minutes looking at crime and punishment through the lens of how Germany handles it.

[36:10]: Islands of the 1% Part 3: America losing its shining example. Loss of workers wealth and “inversions”.



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