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SnARK with Carl and MikeSnARK Mighty Fine Show Notes

In SnARK, Carl and Mike can’t help themselves as they mock the life-size Noah’s Ark theme park that recently opened in Kentucky. It all leads to a “blasphemous” conversation on hell, Satan, and faulty religious interpretations. But who is really the blasphemous one? All that plus, black lives don’t seem to Matter, laboratories of democracy, a gaggle of women and the WaterSlide to Hell. Leave your blind obedience at the door; it’s time for Carl and Mike!

[00:44]: A Gaggle of Women: Carl and Mike on some of the differences between men and women. Carl shares his admiration for black women.

[04:14]: Black Lives Don’t Seem to Matter: A discussion on the recent police shootings of black men in Louisiana and Minneapolis. Including the impact of technology and media. (NOTE: Recorded before the five policemen killed in Dallas).

[10:58]: Laboratories of Democracy: Carl and Mike reference a recent New Rules episode on Real Time with Bill Maher highlighting the difference between the healthy economy in California where the Democrats rules and the economic calamity of Kansas and Louisiana where Republicans rule.

[12:54]:  SnARK : Carl and Mike mock the insane logic behind the Ark story and the newly built Ark Experience in Kentucky.

[18:38]: Blasphemy and the Water Slide to Hell: Carl argues that taking literal interpretations of the Bible is a form of blasphemy in and of itself. Mike envisions the entrance to hell being a water slide. Plus Trump’s Sadam shout out and Satan as a shape shifter?

[ 24:26]: Spotlight and Religious Interpretations: Thoughts about the movie Spotlight, the effects of faulty religious interpretations, on children and society at large. And what’s the deal with Evangelicals and theme parks?



I’ve been reminded again that black lives don’t matter.


New Rule – Laboratories of Democracy:


Noah’s Ark “replica” unveiled in Kentucky amid anger at scientifically preposterous museum: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/07/07/noahs-ark-replica-unveiled-in-kentucky-amid-anger-at-scientifica/

Life Size Noah’s Ark to Open Amid a Flood of Skepticism:


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