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Dance Not Journey - Carl and MikeDance Not Journey Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.

In Dance Not Journey, Carl and Mike contemplate the dance of life, America’s strength, and the possibilities of Virtual reality to rewire our brains. Plus, conversations on the death of the GOP brand, America’s gun underbelly and the ethics of pizza. All that and rollercoasters too! Leave your risk manager at the door; it’s time for Carl and Mike.

[00:37:] Dance Not Journey. Carl contemplates that life is a dance not a journey. Mike shares why he doesn’t listen to past episodes of Carl and Mike.

[ 05:58:] America’s Diversity. Carl and Mike propose that America’s greatness is in their diversity. And how Trump is destroying our culture.

[08:35:] Death of the GOP Brand and the Rise of Alt-Right. How the alt-right has taken over the GOP and in the process destroying both the Republican and Conservative brand.

[13:21:] America’s Gun Underbelly. How guns and fear and the rise of Trump all seem to be intertwined. And contemplate on why people feel a need for a gun?

[21:52:] Rollercoasters and Skyscrapers. What drives our need to be the tallest?

[25:24:] Virtual Reality and Rewiring our Brains. Conversation on virtual reality as a treatment for paralysis. Plus can VR rewire our brains? Quicken our consciousness?

[27:72:] Pizza Ethics. Debating the ethics of adding ingredients to make you crave more in food.

[30:19: ]WRAP UP – Dance Not Journey



Alan Watts—Why Your Life is Not a Journey: https://vimeo.com/176370337

Immigration is the Key to America’s Greatness: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rabbi-deborah-waxman-phd/immigration-is-the-key-to-americas-greatness_b_11891562.html

Josh Romney Warns of Possible Permanent Damage to GOP by Donald Trump:      


Trump’s Deplorable Gun Argument:


Paralyzed Patients Regain Muscle Control with the Help of Virtual Reality


 The Hidden Ingredients in your Favorite Chain Pizzas:



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