C&M90: Batshit Crazy


Batshit CrazyBatshit Crazy Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.

In Bat-shit Crazy, Carl and Mike review the Bat-shit performance of Trump in the mini-debate. They also dissect how Trump evades answering questions and talk about Mark Cuban’s take on Trump. Plus more on the system being rigged, Trump and the media and the decline of Fox News. All that and the joy of robot sex too. Leave your high-faluten intellect at the door; it’s time for Carl and Mike

[00:51:] Mini Debate Review: Bat-Shit Crazy Pt 1. Carl and Mike share observations from the recent Commander-in-Chief forum “mini-debate” between Trump and Clinton.

[04:56:] Fox News Decline and “Aleppo” Johnson. Mike shares how his hard-core GOP Mom is drifting away from Fox News. Plus reactions to the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson’s Aleppo moment.

[08:29:] Cuban on Trump. Carl and Mike talk about Mark Cuban’s observations on how to handle Trump. Plus dissecting how Trump evades and deflects answering questions and why Trump has support.

[14:42:] Dissecting Change. People want change but what kind of change do people really want? And why aren’t things changing?

[18:15:] Is the System Rigged? Could the hackers effect our election? Democrats playing favorites, money in politics, Voter ID laws and other ways the system is rigged.

[23:16:] Robo-Calls. A robo call interrupts Carl and Mike.

[25:12:] Trump Owns the Media. More on Trump’s manipulation of the media and why no fallout from Trump U.

[27:37:] Robot Sex and Naughty Siri. From Naughty Siri to a customized sex robot, Carl and Mike talk about the future of sex.

[31:17:] Bat-Shit Crazy Pt 2. Trying to understand how Evangelicals and anyone in the military could possibly get behind Trump. And why are 55% of white people behind Trump?

[36:21:] Wrap Up



Politics with Charles Pierce, Esquire Magazine: http://www.esquire.com/author/7884/charles-p-pierce/


Part 2: Being Donald Trump: Delusions, Dishonesty and the Empathy of a Hornet’s Nest: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/michael-j-tansey/part-ii-being-donald-trum_b_11381764.html 


Sex Robots Might Be Better in Bed Than Humans:



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