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In Swamp Thing, Carl and Mike grapple with the unbelievable past two weeks in the swamp that is the Presidential Campaign of 2016. From Trump as Jesus to his degrading of the Republic, to his progression from narcissist to sexual predator and where Trump and his swamp go after the election. Plus standing up to hate and a toast to Bob Dylan. Leave your political sanity at the door, it’s time for Carl and Mike!


[00:46]: About the Last Couple of Weeks

Carl and Mike grapple with the last couple of weeks in the swamp that is the Presidential Campaign of 2016.

[06:36]: Trump as Jesus

Conversation on how Trump has positioned himself as the savior of America in a way that hard-core Evangelicals can understand.

[12:02]: Swamp Thing

Trumps emerges from the swamps of the alt-right. How Trump is an expert at projecting and his progression from narcissist to sexual predator.

[15:46]: The Power of Politics:

Politics as the strongest ideology, plus comments on Hillary, Biden and Michelle Obama.

[17:18]: The Degrading of the Republic

How Trump is degrading our political process and where does it go from here? Plus why what’s left of the moderate GOP should vote straight Democrats this year to drain the swamp.

[22:04] Young Evangelicals Speak Up!

The students at Liberty University stand up to Jerry Falwell Jr and disavow his politics and support of Donald Trump.

[24:19]: Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize

[25:10]: The President of Words

[26:14:] Standing Up to Hate

Mike confronts open racism at Lowe’s, calling out men who objectify women and .

[31:23]: Trumpland

Where Trump and his swamp goes after he loses.

[ 38:04]: Wrap-Up



TRANSCRIPT: Donald Trump’s Speech Responding to Assault Accusations:



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For Many Women, Trumps Locker Room Talk Brings Memories:         


Liberty University Students  Protest Association with Trump:           



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