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Country Over Party w/Carl and MikeCountry Over Party Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.

Country Over Party Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.In Country Over Party, Carl and Mike agree that the recent actions and words of Donald Trump make him unfit to hold office. As a result, they talk about the need for people to stand up and put country over party. Plus fear trumps freedom. Scoundrels and sociopaths.  And a plea to remember we’re on the same team. Leave your dashed hopes and dreams at the door; it’s time for Carl and Mike.

[01:22:] Scoundrels and Sociopaths.

Carl and Mike review some of the recent actions and words of Trump and the Trump campaign that show what a scoundrel and sociopath he is.

[05:04:] Unfit to Hold Office.

Mike outlines why he doesn’t like Hillary while Carl declares Trump being mentally unfit for office.

[09:31:] Country Over Party.

With Trump promoting anarchy by declaring the election rigged three months before the election, the need for people to put country over party to oust Trump has never been more important. Also, why its important for Trump to not just be defeated but trounced. Furthermore, Mike argues we haven’t even seen the worst and asks why aren’t more conservative groups denouncing Trump’s behavior.

[ 18:17:] Feardom: Fear Trumps Freedom.

Carl and Mike discuss how years of GOP peddling fear has given rise to Trump. Also, how fear threatens our freedom. How social media amplifies it. This fueling people’s need for a strong man.

[29:20:] Country Over Party Pt 2: We’re on the Same Team.

Carl argues that the political divide has gone too far and we’ve forgotten we’re on the same team. Plus a vision for America that combines private and public sector, Democrats and Republicans working together. Mike thinks it’s all a pipedream.



 GOP Foreign Policy Leaders Refuse to Endorse Trump:


Obama: Trump is Unfit to Lead: http://www.vnews.com/Obama-Trump-is–unfit-to-serve-as-president–3825489

Republicans Turn Blue: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/video/country-party-republicans-blue-41098858

Hillary Clinton to Republican Voters: Pick Country Over Party.



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