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Dancing Monkeys - Carl and MikeDancing Monkeys Mighty Fine Show Notes and Links.

In Dancing Monkey’s Carl worries about the fate of America, Mike shares a story about one man’s stand against his band over Trump. And they both debate whether progressives should meet with Trump or shun him. It’s fear and loathing as we face the upcoming Trump presidency.


[02:13:] Can America Survive the GOP?

Carl’s discouraged about America because of recent GOP actions by Trump, McConnell, and the North Carolina legislature.


[04:35:] Too Many Trumps

Whether its leaders around the world or the incoming Trump cabinet, there’s too many Trump like people in power.


[06:23:] The Break Up of the Pit Pops

Mike shares a story of a band that came apart due to Trump that illustrates the depth of the divide in this country.


[11:11:] Meeting vs Shunning Trump

Carl and Mike debate about whether people like Al Gore, Mitt Romney, tech leaders and other progressives should have met with Trump.


[20:26:] Trump’s Upcoming  Overreach

A discussion on the implications of the upcoming Trump overreach.


[26:32:] The Leader You Deserve

Carl and Mike talk about the need for leaders to step up and stand up to Trump and they agree that you get the leader you deserve.


[29:32] WRAP UP: Pass the Popcorn



North Carolina Just Gave Donald Trump a Strategy for Undermining Democracy: http://time.com/4605453/north-carolina-pat-mccrory-governor-legislature/


Who Will Stand Up to Donald Trump? https://www.bostonglobe.com/opinion/2016/12/08/who-will-stand-donald-trump/s0xv1MGzIyLcXBA6AYi3GK/story.html


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