C&M 7: Comfortably Numb


Carl and Mike Comfortably NumbAddictions, Politics and One Baked Potato.

Episode 7: Show Notes and Links

[02:45]: I was a Teenage Baked Potato: Carl admits to a past discretion dressed as a baked potato. Michael shares the first time he smoked weed. Why “Just Say No” didn’t work. How alcohol addictions affected members in their families. Plus streaking, panty raids, and alcohol enemas.

[22:18]: Kenny G and Kowtowing to China: Carl rants on giving up our American ideals to do business with China. Mike argues Europe needs to grow some balls. Plus buying US and voting with your pocketbook.

[32:54]: Midterm Election Musings: Mike floats an idea on making Election Day a Don’t Buy Day. Carl floats the idea of voting against whoever is the incumbent. Mike argues for term limits. Carl points to Kansas as an example of the failed ideas of the current Republican Party. And possibly why the Republicans have already, in a way, won.

[44:59]: Choice, Change and the Addiction of Comfort: Carl and Mike discuss the irony of more choices through technology, yet less choices being made. Mike shares his experience of doing yoga in an Indian temple. Carl shares his religious experiment. And Carl and Mike challenge everyone to get out of their comfort addiction and try something different.

 [58:44]: The Future of Sex: How the porn industry is investing in virtual reality, and why men especially could be in serious trouble.

[1:05:05]: Shout Outs and Reviews



Kenny G Explains His Run-In with China’s Communist Party


Sam Brownback’s Failed Experiment Puts Kansas on Path to Penury



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