C&M 4: Pussification Rules



Pussification RulesWhen it comes to rules, whether it’s imposed by politicians, religious leaders, and especially wives, you can bet Carl and Mike are going to have something to say about it. In Pussification Rules, they rant about their own pussification, trying to impose democracy on other countries, and mock political ignorance. But leave a little room at the end to rave about a new high-tech penis ring and brainstorm ideas to make it even better. Leave your lame excuses at the door, it’s time for Carl and Mike!


[0:39]: Mocking Political Ignorance: Michael mocks the overall political ignorance in the culture from a clueless waitress to a Texan who turned his home into Dougistan” to Australia’s dad of the year.

[09:48]: Maps, Voting, and Democracy: Carl shares how the map of Africa is bigger than we think. Mike discovers Kurdistan and Carl and Mike discuss getting out of the democracy business overseas and using the power of your wallet to vote to create the change you want in the world.

[24:29]: Pussification Rules: Carl goes solo for a week and rebels against his own pussification. Michael admits he’s not certified to do laundry. Both rant against the rules wives and girlfriends seek to impose on men and the overall pussification of men in general.

[40:06]: High-Tech Penis Rings: Carl and Mike talk about new high-tech Penis rings with “fit band technology for the penis” and kick around ideas on how to make it even better.



Mocking Ignorance: Dougistan:


Real Africa Map:


High Tech Penis Ring:


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